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The Inspiration for this Site

My front yard was filled with leaves and overgrown bushes. I knew it would take days to tidy or restore the beauty if I did it myself. The only plus was how much exercise I would get by doing it. Luckily one afternoon I drove by one of my neighbor’s yard and noticed two landscapers doing an exceptional job. I stopped and yelled from the car if they lived there or was just working. The man I saw in the front pointed to the other person on the side. The person came to the car, asked where I lived, and told me they would follow me to my house to survey before giving me an estimate.

When we pulled up to the house, I got out first and walked my dog to the house and let him watch us from the door. As we walked around the yard, talked about the grass, and why my dog is so spoiled, I realized I couldn’t tell if this was a man or a woman. The voice was soft like a woman but it ended there.

Do you remember on the old SNL when they used to do a segment/skit about “Pat”? You couldn’t tell if it was a male or female.

OMG, although she sounds like a woman….everything about her looked like a man! I could not tell.

After we made an appointment for them to come back a couple days later, we exchanged business cards. Wouldn’t you know it, when I looked at the card – the name was J.D. Gimme a break! When she left, my daughter (who had been watching from the window like my dog) called out to ask me….I knew what she was going to ask….and I told her I didn’t know as I was running to my computer to write about it. The smart person I am has my blogsite on my business card. Hmmm, suppose “they” go to the site. I wouldn’t want anyone who takes precious time out to read my blog to find a story about me not knowing their sex and then share my lack of knowledge with the world. Nah, that wouldn’t be good.

I decided to share my little story with my family on Facebook – Inbox. My message informed the group when they returned to do the yard, I would take a picture so they could see my challenge and understand my ignorance. I planned to tell her I was taking a before and after picture of the horrible yard.

Well my dear reader, I didn’t have the heart to take the picture of the “lady”. I say LADY because when my dog Junior saw them outside, he started to bark and growl a little. But when I looked again, his tail was wagging. Then he looked at the guy and barked and growled again….that’s when she said that pit/chows don’t like men.

So it was clear to me, if he likes her then she must be a woman! She must have shaved since the day I met her because the beard was gone but she still had a nice trimmed mustache.

My yard looks so nice, there is no way I could mock this woman who looks so much like a man.



  ileaneb wrote @

Junior really is spoiled isn’t he. But at least he has a good sense of smell! Thanks for the laugh.


  kissnatl wrote @

Yes, he is very spoiled. I have to admit, he’s needs training. I need it first, however.

I hope I have more funny ones to come.

  Nikki wrote @

Hahaha. I used to love pat. Hopefully she doesnt read this cause she probably wont do yr yard so nicely next time.

  kissnatl wrote @

Exactly, that’s why I started THIS blog. She has the other address. 🙂

  alphasmith wrote @


  theoldsilly wrote @

Oh so NOW I see why you started this separate blog, lol 😉


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